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    I downloaded the handspring palm patch for the treo, but can't get it to install on my computer...has anyone else tried this with a mac? I use a titanium with OS 9.2...would it work better if I upgraded to Jaguar?

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    I'm using OS X (10.2) and didn't even download the Handspring version, just had Palm Desktop 4 installed, plugged in USB cable and it worked.
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    I don't have any experience with Palm Desktop under OS 9, but I did ge this to work under OS X 10.1.5 and 10.2.

    It took a while, because there seem to be a few older, broken, versions of Palm Desktop 4.0 lying around the net. Do not try the one from Go directly to and get their latest Palm Desktop 4.0. (The installer you get after expanding should have a creation date of 9/17/02 (or later)).

    This not only worked nicely for me under 10.1.5, but worked over USB and infrared!

    On OS 10.2, I had an odd error where the installer claimed it was could not complete, and quit prematurely, but as far as I can tell it worked fine.

    Also, I installed iSync and got it to work with my Palm - it was a nice easy way to get my palm addresses book from the past several years into my address book!
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    I have a Visor Edge and a Treo. My wife and I for business and family reasons we want to have identical calendars. We want to use the same user name for both PDA's and thus when we sync the information both PDA's will be identical. They both seem to sync without any problems. The Address Book and iCal on the mac (using Jaguar) get updated when we sync from either PDA. The problem is that the information doesn't leave ical and go to the other PDA.

    I want this: Treo >>> syncs to mac >>>> syncs to Visor Edge >>>> syncs to mac> >>>>syncs to Treo. Using this example I realize that I have to re-sync the Treo after I sync the Visor Edge to get the info from the Visor Edge into the Treo. The problem is that the info never makes it there even though I see it in iCal and in the Address book.

    This is what I've tried. I've tried creating two user names but when I tried to sync it failed because it could not sync with the other PDA. I tried syncing again with both PDA's in the cradles but that had the same results. I've tried the a suggestion by iDriveX titled "This might solve your problems" found on Apples discussion group on iSync, except that i didn't completely delete my PDA's. Any help would be appreciated. I've posted this question on the Apple site and did not get any replies. Is anyone else interested in doing what I'm attempting?
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    After weeks upon weeks of trying to justify a treo 300, I go and buy myself one only to have my special day go down the crapper.

    I'm running 10.2.2 and I just downloaded the latest version of Palm Desktp 4.0 from So... I hook the treo up to my Titanium using the USB cable, hit the sync button on the cable and the treo freezes. Nothing happens on the Mac at all, and the treo requires a hard reset.

    Any ideas out there???
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    I have 10.2.2 on a PowerBook G4 and sync to my Treo 300 over USB without problems.

    I had the Palm software installed before updating to 10.2.2, and I got my Palm software from Handspring's site, not Palm's - I don't know if either of those two issues would've made any difference though…but it might give you some hope that what you are trying to do works for someone else and therefore should work for you too, once you figure/find out what the problem is.
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    Thanks! That gives me somewhere to start. I'll try the Handspring download first...
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    You da man! I went and got Palm Desktop from Handspring and the sync worked on the first try.

    Now here's another question for you guys... I assume there are some additional Palm apps on the CD that came with my treo. I don't see them so I assume they are in an installer package or something. Any easy way to get them without installing on a Windows box and copying?

    Thanks again for the help. Made my day ...
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    I run 10.2.2 and I also want to confirm that using the actual Handspring version of the Palm Desktop syncs with my Treo 300 where as the official version of Palm Desktop from does not.

    I actually did some testing to be sure it wasn't a fluke by uninstalling and reinstaling each copy separately. I don't know how any of you with the official version got it to work but I never could.

    The only problem I have with the Handspring version of Palm Desktop is that sometimes when I sync it wants to reinstall every app I have backed up which takes several minutes. Kind of an annoyance.
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    I've been using the version since day one, on a iBook running 10.2.2 with no problems. never downloaded the Handspring version.

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