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    I got Yahoo and AOL instant messages working great is there one for MSN

    and one other question when i use yahoo it uses my main yahoo ID but i like to use another profile for chating is there a way to change this ?
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    How did you get Yahoo working? Last I checked, they had removed access and support for the Palm OS YM client. Has that changed?
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    here is the yahoo messenger link
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    I have been using PalmMSN.

    This application doesn't have all the features found in MSN Messenger, but it certainly does the job. You will have to install Java Virtual Machine in order to run it though. All the links and information is within the above link.

    I too am curious as to how you got YM working.
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    It was easy.

    All i did was install the file on my Treo 300 using the palm software.
    then there was yahoo messenger ICON I clicked on it and behold it asked for my yahoo ID and password
    then it worked
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    I have removed YM from my Treo, but last time I tried, the issue seemed like Yahoo was not supporting YM for the Palm on any of their servers anymore (ie: I could not connect). Are you able to use (and effectively communicate to other YM users) from your Treo today?
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    well, I just downloaded that client and it worked perfectly. I wouldn't doubt that Verizon has an exclusive US contract with Yahoo for keeping other mobile clients out.
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    I was chating with my friend in England while i was at the super market.. in los angeles

    it did freeze on me once then it took a minute then it said it lost conection .. also if i close the lid it drops off .. now i am not sure if this is because the palm goes to sleep or that i lose conection as i walk around the house ..i will try it when i am outside later today

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    just for the record, i have been using AIM (aim11.prc) from day one on my treo with no problems such as have been reported. i did not even know it had gone 'pay', when i had looked for it on aol it was free. i do think that's a ripoff when all their pc software is free.

    i also wish they had an 'away from screen' icon so you don't bother to try messaging someone who has their away message up. i think aol says that the paid version of the aol for palm has that. not worth $20 on principle.
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    For those of you familiar with Yahoo for Palm:

    The option to have Messenger check for messages while the unit is off... does this work if you didn't leave Messenger running when you turned off the unit? I leave it in Datebook most of the time and it doesn't seem to continue to check for messages...

    Does anyone know of a way to make it check for messages even when it's not the last application running when the Treo is "off" or asleep???

    My goal, at the least, is I would like to ALWAYS be notified when someone sends me an YM... Preferably, I would like to get the message sent as a SMS when I'm not logged into Yahoo... At least this way, I would be notified to log in to Yahoo and have my "chat." To me, this would be a great feature - if only Yahoo would offer "offline messenger SMS alerts" as a feature. They offer news alerts, stock alerts, mail, etc...

    Lee Ladisky
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    lee - i have a bad feeling about what that would do to your battery life - having it check regularly for messages. web time uses about the same power as phone time. and remember, if your battery drains, your data goes with it.
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    I agree - but I think it's simply an issue of using an alert to SMS notify to the phone? Either way, when I logged into the Yahoo Mobile site from my old Verizon phone, I could navigate away from the web and I would STILL get my messages.

    Do ANY of the IM applications (Yahoo, MSN, ICQ or AIM) allow for offline messages to be delivered to the phone??? Or, can I log into one of them and navigate away from the app (go to the Phonebook, datebook, etc.) and still get my messages??

    Lee Ladisky
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    the yahoo client that i am using did give me some offline messages when i turned on my phone this morning and even told me that i had mail .,

    I am having problems connecting sometimes ? does anyone else .
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    Many are experiencing data connectivity isssues that seem to be related. Check out this thread for details:
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    What i meant to say was that only the yahoo messenger client does not connect. it says its connecting but my friends list dont show up.

    every thing else works fine i can get theweb and AOL works .

    its just within yahoo messenger
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    Originally posted by edwarto
    What i meant to say was that only the yahoo messenger client does not connect. it says its connecting but my friends list dont show up.

    every thing else works fine i can get theweb and AOL works .

    its just within yahoo messenger
    I downloaded the yahoo client, and find that I get the same problem you describe. I also find that if you tell it to check for messages even when turned off, the treo periodically wakes up, and YM pops a window asking if you want to reconnect and waits for input--which is not particularly useful for the purpose.
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    I like the PRC version better than the online version which does not work very well. If only the keep alive functionality in terms of periodically checking for messages was automatic. Anyone have any idea how old this particular prc is?? any updates coming??

    A version of a mobile cross-platform app e.g. trillian, etc. would also be nice.

    The ability to use Yahoo IM (in my case) would give me exactly what I wanted from this device.

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