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    I have been following all of the threads concerning using AIM on the Treo ... most people report getting the dreaded DataMgr.C lockup error.

    I saw some posts recommending using the UK 1.0 version, but no feedback.

    So, instead of going on a business trip and taking a chance my Treo needs a hard reset ... any solution including alternative programs to connect to AIM?

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    i have been using aim (aim11.prc) since i got my treo with no problems. so although i agree there must be something wrong somewhere, not everybody is having trouble. my only problem with it is that you can't tell who is 'away'. everybody just shows up as online and you get their away message when you send.
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    Unfortunately I wish this was true ... I was on a trip, having installed AIM1.1 weeks earlier ... all of a sudden my unit stopped working ... I tried a soft reset and was greated with the Database.C error ... had to do a hard reset which got the phone working, but lost everything till I could get home and reinstall.

    The thought of this happening again when I'm away from my desktop scares me ...

    Others have reported the same problem ... it just will hit you hard all of a sudden after it seems to work fine for weeks.

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    thanks. gives me something to look forward to...
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    no solution for AIM 1.1 but as I said before IF this does happen you don't have to do a hard reset!

    1. You MUST have the app Filez on the Treo.
    2. If you encounter the error do a soft reset with ext. off. (reset with holding the scroll up key until you see the Palm start up screen.
    3. Open Filez and find your "Saved Preferences" file and delete it.
    4. Do other Soft Reset.

    You will have to go back in and enter all perferences again including reg codes on 3rd party apps etc. But if you are on the road and this happens at least you want lose all data.

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