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    Does leaving the internet conected all the time with the lid closed make the battery drain faster ? i got the sprint unlimited i just wonder if i need to disconect to save battery ?
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    I've found that it does. For a while there, I was letting Mark/Space Mail stay connected after hitting the POP and SMTP servers. The battery would drain remarkably fast.
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    there have been a number of threads on here about that subject so you might want to look at them for more info, but the general consensus is that no, just leaving it connected will not do that, since it goes to 'sleep' after not being used for a short time.

    however, if you use some program that say, checks for email every couple of minutes, or some other continuous function, then i think you will find that it does drain quicker since web time seems to drain the battery just about as fast as phone time.

    many folks have said that the biggest step you can take to reduce battery drain is to disable digital roaming, which keeps trying to connect you to a roaming network when you are in a 'no service' area

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