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    Sprint PCS just called me and said they are changing my Vision plan from 2mb data to Unlimited for as long as I stay with Sprint PCS! I was on the 500/4000/2mb Vision for $44 now it's 500/4000/unlimited for $44. Sure makes wondering about or tracking mb alot easier!

    Two unsolicited good deals from Sprint PCS in the same week. Both came from out of the blue: replacement auto adapter and unlimited data. Good job Sprint PCS!

    Now, can you provide "installed" email and SMS programs? I use Eudora for my 2 POP accts, but no SMS yet.

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    Good point...

    FYI, though, you might call up and try to change to one of the new plans. (I have 500 anytime, unlimited N&W, unlimited data, for $45-- unlimited N&W for $1 more!) :-)
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    Correct me if Iím wrong, but I believe that the $45 plan on the sprint website jumps to $55 after 3 months.

    The plan that Bomeyer is referring to stays at $44 for the length of his contract.
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    That's right...I asked her about that.

    Right now I'm paying $45 - $10 = $35 for 3 months (free vision, 2mb of data, -$10). It's going to unlimited data starting now, but when I hit the 3 month point it'll jump back up to $45. It was always going back up to $45 after 3 months, but the difference is I'll have unlimited data vs. only 2mb/month!
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    That's great, but us people who had more mb are getting screwed. I have the exact same plan as you (500/4500), but with 8 mb of data (instead of 2 mb) which came to $55 a month. Now they switched me to unlimited data for that price. Had I chosen the 2 mb plan, I would have the exact same thing, but for $10 less than I am paying. That stinks.

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