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    I went to visit my local Sprint store today to check out the Treo 300. While I was tooling around on the Treo, the sales rep mentioned that a new phone from Palm will come out before Christmas. He went in the back and had a model of the SPH-I330. It was a non-working model, but it did intrigue me. It looked like an updated model of the I-300, which I believe it is. It felt comfortable to hold (more than the treo) and seemed lightweight as well.

    I was wondering if anyone has heard of the SPH-I330 and had any comments regarding the device. I am looking to purchase a pda/phone device and had my eye on the Treo 300. But the sales rep recommended on waiting for the new SPH-I330.

    Thanks in advance,
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    The i330 is just a minor cosmetic upgrade over the i300. I've owned the i300 and was happy with it. But the Treo 300 is just so much more. I'm more than happy I made the switch. But I can't speak for you.

    BTW: Never listen to a Sprint sales rep. They just wanna sell you the newest machines. They have no idea about what you need.
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    Thanks for the response. Yeah, I'm trying to find more info on it before I make any decisions.

    If you could, could you (or anyone) tell me what you liked about your I-300, and what you liked about the treo 300? And what made you switch to the treo, if you upgraded at all?

    Hearing other people's opinions and personal stories really help me decide on which way to go. And yeah, the sales rep probably just wants me to buy the newest phone, but you never know. I've run into some very helpful and truthful sales rep. That's why I've been sticking with my Sprint PCS service for awhile now

    Thanks for the help.

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    I briefly had a samsung sph-i300. Ended up swapping it out for a phone w/ a real keypad - the kyocera 6035. The samsung had several software issues, including a reset loop if synced. All in all, the ultimate reason for giving it up was the same reason I've given up on several universal remotes - the inability to do any thing via feel. I was a little doubtfull on the treo, but a few weeks have shown me hiow useful it is to have the thumbboard. I will probably pass on the pocketpc's as well till a decent thumbboard is available.
    /v - typing this on treo 300 while a friend is driving down a highway
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    LOL, typing while your friend is driving down a highway, How Neat!!
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    I looked at both for a while, but the cover on the treo and the keyboard. Since having it for a while, I'm completely blown away. I personally think that the treo represents the comming standard -- and that within a few years all the phone and pda makers will have something that looks and feels exactly like it.
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    Here is some more info on the I330

    Samsung is also bringing out this Palm-phone as well. The I500

    Although, I could never give up the keyboard on the Treo.
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    I don't have the Samsung I330, but for me the Treo's keyboard is the key. Fancy nice to have features don't offset the inability to quickly enter data. While I can use grafitti, it's not good for more then very light data entry. With a wireless data device, I want to do email, browse the web, and use instant messaging. Grafitti is just impractical for these tasks. I do not know why PPC sticks with JOT and the onscreen stylus-driven keyboard, it seems to me to be the wrong solution. I love the thumb keyboard on my i705, and now that I have been using a friend's Treo 300, it's a no-brainer to go with the Treo (Love the lighted keypad!). PQA and web access is also much faster on the Treo.

    I'll echo that the Sprint sales people are the wrong ones to ask, more than likely you know more about the products than they do if you have been reading this board.

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