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    Inspired by the thread on vision connection crashes, and someone who wondered if Sprint is timing people out of their data connections if they are inactive after a period of time...

    Now that there's unlimited data plans...

    I'm wondering if anyone out there is handy enough to cobble together a small (invisible background process) IP Keep Alive program that can loop ping an address (the default proxy server would be a good choice and require no interface coding).

    This should ensure that sprint cannot time out connections if they do indeed time people out.

    At worst, it'd make for a great troubleshooting tool.

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    Here's a free ping utility but AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $it$ $cannot$ $not$ $run$ $as$ $a$ $background$ $task$.

    I wonder if I can find a way to make it do that.

    Mergic Ping 0.2 - Free!

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    Hey jas01 since your SO SMART and you can do this, how about jumping on this thread
    and help ALL the people who can't even get a freaking connection. Seems to me the DUMB ASSES are the Tier 2 level support at Sprint. They don't have a CLUE. Every time you call with the SAME problem you get a DIFFERENT answer. And NONE of them work!

    Here's some of the STUPID answers I've been given.

    1. Give it a couple of days and it should clear up.
    2. I'm not really sure?
    3. Could you hold for about 5mins while I research this more.
    4. When you first set up your phone you should have been told NOT to use the Vision PCS for about 2 weeks, if you do it could cause a security problem.

    If you want to hear more just let me know.

    Oh and thanks in advance for your help!!!
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    reading other threads I think jas01 just has a small anger management problem with derek985
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    Looks as though the mods deleted his last post. Maybe they finally banned the little troll. I'll never know, seeing as how his last outburst landed him on my ignore list.
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    actually JAS' problem seems to be with everyone, glad to see the mods are taking over and keeping his stuff off. was not contributing anything to the discussions except insults.

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