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    I have the M206-Ni Nokia Earbud Headset. It works.
    Does anyone know if there is an actual HEADSET, not earbud from NOKIA that will work with the TREO 300?

    Possibilities are: M133-N1 by Plamtronics.

    Does this model work to? And is it an actual headset, instead of an earbud?
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    I ot the MX103-N1 from Plantronics and it works, sorta - it's a modified earbud and the microphone doesn't pick up my voice well enough. The earpiece fits really well though and the sound is good in my ear.

    I'm going to take it back to Best Buy and get either the the M133 or M143 - my understanding on the Plantronics is that if you get one that ends with "-N1" in the part number it should plug into and work with the Treo 300.
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    I had the plantronics with the wire ear hoop (forget model number) for the nokia 8000 series, and it worked fine. It got broken, so I got a belkin retractable earbud/mic with a built in swivel holster. Works great, and is more comfortable than the plantronics.
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    I like the idea of the retractable wire and the Plantronics would be more comfortable in my ear if it were a shade smaller in diameter, but I just looked at Belkin's website and it doesn't look like they have a version that would work with the Treo 300. They have a Nokia-compatible version, but the Nokia-compat. they have on thri site is the one that plugs into the bottom of some Nokia models, not into a headphone jack with a plug that has one point. (did that make sense?)
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    They definitely have one that works with the treo. I know , it's what I use now. It's the 3 ring 2.5mm jack. Had it in stock at staples.

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