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    Have people generally had good luck with Ringo on he Treo 300? I've had a mixed experience so far. The Caller ID images work just fine, but when I try to set up a custom ringer in Ringo, it says I have to set it up in the Phone Book App. I don't see all of the ringers that are available in Ringo in the Phone Book App. Is there some trick to this that I'm missing?
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    You can add composed and downloaded ringer tunes to the list in the phone book app.
    Open Ringo. Select the note icon on the bottom right. Downloaded ringtones are in different catagories, and you can also create ringtones by using "Compose" and saving them with a name. Select a ringtone you wish to use and push the button marked"Use as Ringtone".
    This adds the ringtone to the "Personal Ringtones" category.
    Once there, you :menu: S (Synchronize Ringtones command) and all the ringtones in your "Personal Ringtones" category will placed in the phone app's list (at the bottom of the pull-down list-they aren't alphabetized).
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    Hey, whaddaya know? Work like a charm.

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