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    After trying Corsoft's Aileron, BaseJet, Inbox To Go, Wireless Knowledge, blah blah and now using Business Connection, I've always grappled with attachment support. (caveat - I have to have it working with Outlook). I found one way that's a bit of a workaround, but it does indeed work, at least at first blush and after two days of testing/using.
    I saw a link on Infosync about "PrinterOn". They basically offer a network of printing and faxing support, for any device - similar to and others. The COOL thing is that they also offer VIEWing of attachments. So follow along boys and girls and I'll give you the bird's eye lowdown:

    1. Mail hits my Outlook inbox, with a word attachment. I'm traveling, so that same message (sans attachment) flies out via BizConn to my Treo.
    2. I get the message on the Treo, see that I might want to grab a view of that attachment.
    3. I FORWARD that message to '', with this text in the top of the body: "EATT=1", where 1 is the specific attachment I want to see.
    4. Based on how I have my account set up, that forwarded message ends up at my primary Outlook account, with the TEXT OF THE ATTACHMENT as the message. Yes, that's right.
    5. Since BC is sending all my Outlook messages to my Treo, my Treo gets that message, with the TEXT OF THE ATTACHMENT as the body.
    So I'm then viewing the attachment. (really, I'm viewing the text of the original attachment). I don't have to hassle with Docs To Go or Quickoffice, or file support via VFS, nothing.
    I can then forward that text, do whatever.

    Yes, it's a bit of a roundabout way to get an attachment, but the best thing is that I don't have to load up some clunky program to handle the few e-mail attachments that I want to actually view while traveling or while I just have the handheld. MUCH less burdensome on the device, memory, etc.

    Check em out at - they have a PQA as well, but I haven't messed with that enough to know what it's good for. Good luck!
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    Interesting. I looked at the site and its documentation but couldn't find a list of supported attachments. Does it work with everything? Also, how long does it take to get the conversion back?
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    The only attachment I've tested is Word. The message with the text body of the attachment comes back in about 5 minutes. Need to test Excel....
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    Five minutes ... hmm. Seems a little long.

    I hope this isn't an omen, but I tried to sign up for the free 60-day trial, but I couldn't -- something wrong with the site.

    I emailed their tech support, so we'll see.
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    Another way to handle attachments which I have done for awhile is to set-up a rule within Outlook to forward my email to a subscription service at If it has a Word or Excel attachment associated with the email, mydocsonline "decodes" it and then I have it set to forward the decoded attachment as an email to my email at SprintPCS. Using Eudora, I then go in and retrieve the attachments.

    The other thing about mydocsonline is that you also get file storage space with them as part of the subscription.

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