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    I think I just talked to the new version of Claire, except she was real and called me out of the blue. Seems the new PCS chief is living up to his claim of improving customer service.

    The New Claire (TNC) just wanted to explain my new unlimited data plan and see if I had any questions!

    Imagine that.

    I was so dumbfounded that all I could say was, "Ugh ... no ... are you Claire?"
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    You loved it.
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    first time a woman has ever called you eh?

    Haha just playing, damn she didn't call me
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    Claire called me!

    She told me she was sick and asked me to come over to her house with my treo. I happily obliged her, hottie that she is.

    When I got there all she wanted was for me to take her temperature. Initially I was disappointed until I realized that my treo has a built in rectal thermometer!

    The bad news is that she might be out of the office until Monday.

    (After typing this, I've decided to seek professional help)

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    Good idea Derek ... go for it.
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    hey, as soon as they make a 3d holographic elizabeth hurley that you can interact with (read between those lines) i'm retiring alone to a cabin in the rockies with a cable modem

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