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  • Yes, I did participate in the program. It\\\'s only $4....well worth it.

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  • No, it seems like a waste of money. My treo should be fine.

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    I'm debating whether or not to participate in the Sprint PCS Replacement Program.

    I realize it's ONLY $4/month, but at the same time I feel my new treo shouldn't have problems

    Just curious how many of you purchase this program....

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    I think the Equipment Replacement Plan is a good idea. I have it. I talked to the ERP folks first, thought, and they confirmed that they replace devices up to $500 (I guess that $800 phone is out of the question!). The only problem is, if they don't have a Treo in stock to replace yours with (and the replacements ARE reconditioned...), they have the authority to replace it with a different, "similarly valued" phone...that makes me nervous, but I think it's still worth getting. And, its only $4 a month. Better to pay that then $400-500 for another one if this one breaks or gets lost (and usually existing account holders get no rebates, so you'll probably pay full price).
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    I'm not familiar with the Replacement Program policy. What is the policy, is there a deductible?

    I guess $4/month = $48/year is not a bad deal instead of paying $500.
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    Yes, there is one --> $35 per phone replaced under the program. ERP covers lost, stolen, or broken phones. You will need to file a Police Report and get it to Sprint in the case of a Lost or Stolen phone.

    I believe that you can have your phone replaced twice a year under the program too, but I'm not sure about that figure.

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    You can replace 4 times in a year. Over that, they consider it misuse or just too many replacements.
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    I get it because my Treo cost $500, and while I think it should be fine in normal use, I'm worried about the cases where:

    1) I drop it.
    2) I leave it in a cab. (This actually happened to my old phone, costing me $200 for a replacement.)
    3) Some ***** friend of mine breaks it when playing with it.

    I figure if I get 2 years of use out of it before upgrading, it cost me $100 to ensure that if one of these things ever happens, I don't pay another $300 or whatever it costs at that point. Maybe I'm just prone to the above cases.

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    I just enrolled, and it seems quite easy...all via IVR. They call you back on your PCS phone to verify that it is actually working, and there is a 20 day waiting period before the policy takes effect. BTW, according to the message on the IVR, you can only take advantage of this insurance twice a year (not four times a year). FYI.
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    I am going to go for it when I get my Treo.
    I have upgraded my phone six times now, and only one was by choice. I have it on my current phone as it cost me $250, and I def will have it on the Treo considering its $500 price tag. If you are forgetful, or a clutz or just paranoid then you are better off getting it, if for nothing else but the peace of mind.

    And never. ever answer your phone while at a crowded pool.
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    I think it is essential. Not having the replacement plan is taking a risk and I don't like risks. It's like driving with no insurance. The Treo is an expensive piece of equipment and I like the reaassurance that if I lose it or it gets stolen I can get it replaced for $35. My husband has always had replacement for his phones and he has NEEDED it as he has a bad habit of losing things. I do not but I am still more comfortable having it.
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    Originally posted by needles
    You can replace 4 times in a year. Over that, they consider it misuse or just too many replacements.
    Actually its twice within a 12 month period, which commences on the date of the first claim being filed. There is also a 12 month waiting period after the 2nd claim filing before you can file again.
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    I've been on the program for 3.5 years now. I've actually had 2 incidents where the phone was either lost (1st time) or broken (2nd time).

    It was well worth the cost of the program, especially since the phones I had were about $200 each at the time I bought them.

    For the Treo 300, it is most definitely worth the price.

    P.S. The response time was pretty good. I had the replacement phone within 3 days after I reported the incident.

    P.P.S. There is another program ... something like "roadside replacement" where you can get a replacement phone even faster, for additional cost.
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    Its like life insurance . Your betting your gonna die. They are betting you are gonna live. So your betting your gonna break or lose your phone and sprint is betting your not! As a rule I normally dont buy such plans or insurance policies specially for tech items you will most likely replace very soon as it becomes obsolete. Having said all that I am sure I will lose/break mine tomorrow. LOL. Its cheap enough anyway!
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    After the discussion here it seems like a VERY good idea to me, especially as I have lost a Palm previously and this one is VERY expensive.

    I just purchased my TREO last week but the ADD option didn;'t show up on my Services page for the Replacement Program. I called Sprint and they said I could only add this service when setting up service for my phone. I was persistent and told them that I was never offered the service over the phone and only learned about it after visiting the website, they finally aggreed to let me add it.
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    I have been with Sprint for 5+ years, and let me tell you, the replacement plan is a waste. First, good luck getting them to pay. After the second time they burned me, I swore them off.

    The only warranty plan that really works is Amex; you never get a hassle and they always pay promptly. Plus, it's free.
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    I just had my Treo replaced via Sprint's Replacement Plan.

    I'm very satisfied with the plan. It is relatively inexpensive. Filing the claim was extremely easy and quick. My replacement arrived within 2 days of filing the claim.

    I think it's well worth it.

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    Just filed a request since the fliptop part of teh treo is now in two pieces .. the right side where it turns on the hinge shattered ... Terribly nervous that I'm gonna get some lousy model of another phone, and that I'm going to have to fight to get a treo, but so far it seems people have gotten what they ordered.
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    I think the replacement plan is just a trick for sprint to squeeze out more money from subscribers. I bought my treo from best buy an dinstead chose topurchase their replacement warraunty. For seventy bucks, I get to replace my treo for any problem for three years and with no limitation on frequency of replacements (although one would be wise not to make it too obvious). Also cna go to BB and get it replaced for any product in equivalent value afaikafaikafaik! $of$ $course$ $this$ $plan$ $doesn$'$t$ $work$ $if$ $you$ $lose$ $your$ $treo$, $just$ $damage$ $it$....
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    But what is alarming to me is how difficult it is to find out exactly what is covered. Actually their whole policy of signing you up for a plan upgrade but never showing you anything in writing is pretty odd too.
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    Insurance is a piece of mind.

    I've used it twice over the past five years to replace my StartTAC. After the $35.00 deductable you've got a replacement very quickly.

    Just think of it. In another year my 300 will disappear and they'll have to replace it with the more current model.
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    Originally posted by Wood Mountain
    Just think of it. In another year my 300 will disappear and they'll have to replace it with the more current model.
    How does that work? Unless you plan on committing fraud...
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