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    Has anyone successfully gotten the Treo 300 rom for POSE? I would transfer it myself from my own 300, but the only POSE version that supports the Treo 300 does *not* support USB connection, so it has to be done by serial connection (which, I do not have).

    Anyone else figured a way around this, or gotten it some other way? I would really really like the Rom!!!

    BTW, I have tried to use the most current POSE to transfer the Rom through USB, but to no avail.

    Hava good day, all!
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    Goto the PalmSource developer website and login <>. Then goto the seeding area and select ROMs. You'll find all the Treo ROMs here.

    (You should read the handspring-forum for developers periodicailly; this information was posted last week I think.)
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    Yeah, I can't log in, because I'm not a registered developer. I tried to register, but I haven't ever gotten a response back, and my login info that I set up doesn't work.

    Oh, well. Thanks though!

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