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    So I want to purchase a Treo 300 for work, and I need to know if the JavaScript in this website works with Xiino - When you click the Address radio button in the search frame, does the single field change to 4 separate text fields? I know it's a bit much to ask, but if someone can't actually try it, can someone report how well the JavaScript functionality works with Xiino? Thanks.
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    Xiino asked me to choose which frame I wanted. I chose wrong at first. Saw a bitmap that said search so I clicked on it. It took me to a simple search page that had no radio buttons. It has a link to Free Text Search so I clicked it... Mistake... Fatal exception / warm reset.

    Still trying to help, I went back and tried the lower left frame. There I found radio buttons and one entry space for search text. Tried doing searches in a few areas and none of them did anything. The status bar did briefly say Executing Script each time I hit search fwiw....
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    Sorry! Does not work. After pressing the Find button, in a nomrla PC browser, the request is sent off but in the Treo Xiino, no data is submitted thus no answer can be received.

    Too bad.
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    Darn, I was afraid of that. Thanks so much for trying. I think I'll still have to upgrade from my T-Mobile 180, though. Thanks again.
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    I went to the website with xinno and the webite says it is made for 800x600 resolution. A little high for xiino to navigate. words on the top left side are almost unreadable.
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    Xiino has a free trial period. I took them up on it, but found I haven't used it much.

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