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    I cannot sync my treo w/ my comp for nothing >:-( im running winme, on a compaq presario 5660. I have the software installed but when it comes down to pressing the button for sync, windows might update itself and search for a driver which it cant find, even when it looks on the installation CD or the usb cable will just be recongnized. Can someone please help? anyone run into this prob?
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    I don't know, sounds like an install problem. Have you tried reinstalling Hotsync?
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    more than once, and i have downloaded 4.0.1 but that file is corrupted
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    I would suggest you call Handspring support and get them to walk you through it. I had a similar problem and they helped me. I had run an old Palm VII on my computer and somewhere in my system it had old preferences stored and that was somehow conflicting with my new installation.

    They are usually pretty helpful.

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