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    This has happened several times in the last few days:

    I end a phone call with someone using the headset, and then I close the lid. Presto, suddenly the phone is dialing this phone number out of my contacts (that I have never called from the Treo before, by the way). Always the same number...very bizarre. This is not a speed dial number, never been called by me, and not the name that the contacts page is on (so not a space bar execution issue). Midway down my contacts list. Any clues?
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    I am having the same problem. However, I am using a Jabra headset; and while I have not had a chance to test out the diff with the supplied ear bud, I have a suspicion that the Jabra is the culprit.
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    I thought I'd seen this but wasn't sure. However, last night I finished a call and ended it by closing the lid. About half an hour later I opened the lid and the screen said "Dialing..." (the same number as the call I had previously received) and the battery was almost flat! I had to do a soft reset to recover.

    Also yesterday I received a call and as I opened the lid, the phone continued to ring but I got a message "Fatal error" or sometihng like that and had to reset the device.

    I am running T-Buttons and MaTreo, I am having quite a few similar problems and am thinking of stripping the phone back to the factory default to see if that helps!
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    I think the problem is as follows: after finishing a call, I inadvertently hit a key on the keyboard where I am gripping the Treo prior to shutting it. In my case it is the p key. This causes the Treo, which is in phone mode, to find the first phone number with a p in the name (it searches). Then, when I shut the cover, either I accidently hit the space bar, or more likely the cover itself hits the space bar as it snaps shut, which causes the phone to dial the number it just "looked up." Has anybody else noticed the cover hitting the space bar when clicked shut, or is it my big ol' thumb?
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    this happens because when u shut the cover, it accidentally touches the spacebar that then makes a call to the 1st entry in the speed dial list.
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    the few times it's happened to me its been the last key i press that is dialed. in my case, it's the number 7 (used to delete messages from voicemail). i hit 7 to delete, fold to hang up, and then when i open to make a new call it starts dialing the number 7. i've found that if you hit the 'end call' button on the screen before folding it avoids the problem.


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