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    Experiencing my first problems with this problem -- trying to connect data resets the phone, DOH. New York City.
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    happening to me again almost on a DAILY basis now!!
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    Started happening again this weekend on Long Island. Not as bad as before, but often enough to be annoying.
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    Was happening during the Thankgiving day weekend then started happening less and less here in bklyn. Got a call from an executive person at Sprint in response to my FCC complaint. I told her that the problem had appeared fixed for about 2 wks but is starting to appear again. She told me they r aware of it resurfacing and r working on it. She then gave me a months credit because I haven't been able to use my phone as promised. BTW I also asked for a credit for Treo300SMS and got it. They r really trying to keep long time clients until this starts working right.
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    I also heard from an Executive Services representative last week about my FCC complaint. I informed her that (at that time) the problem had appeared to largely go away. When it started to resurface this week, I called her back to let her know. She left me a message this morning with a different tech support number, saying they were properly set up to troubleshoot and document such things. It may have been posted here already, but it's 866-206-4108. I haven't had a chance to call yet.

    Now I need to get credit for Treo300SMS.

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    thanks for posting that number... i actually called today to complain but the girl hadn't heard of the problem...she opened a trouble ticket,etc. I really want this fixed or want them to waive the early disconnect fee... yes, it is that cumbersome to me.

    free sms is nice too... I may go for that if they call me back.
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    A couple hours ago I couldn't connect toVision at all, so finally called the number I posted. I was told that because I changed my Vision user name and my old name was still in their system somewhere, there was confusion being caused in the system.

    After he did something in their system, my phone reprovisioned and I'm now writing this on my Treo.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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    Problem started again for me too in NYC. However, it does not soft-reset, instead it displays "Blazer could open the page" or something like that, then when trying a second time to display the web page, it reconnects "...signing on, ...established" even though it was already connected in the first place.
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    I've had the Treo 300 for 2 weeks here in NYC. The Treo is a great unit. I've had a Palm IIIx, Palm IIIc, Handera 330 and a Palm M130 and the Treo is by far the best. The colors are magnificient. The wild card is Sprint. I've had no major problems thus far. Sprint sent me a computer generated password and the unit worked after a few hours. The Blazer Browser is much faster than what I experienced using 14.4kbs via my cellphone in the past. It feels like 56K. I do agree, however, with the previous reviewer. Sometimes Blazer says that it cannot download a page when I begin a web session and then when I refresh, it then signs me in. I've had no reset problems. This only happens after I have not surfed the web for a few hours during peak usage hours when lots of people are trying to connect. This does not happen during the late night/early morning hours. So much for always on. Sprint needs to increase its bandwith.

    I tried to set up my Email using Sprint as my SMTP server. That didn't work out very well. The tech support person said I had to create a vision password different from the computer generated one that was originally sent to me and wait for a network update. So, I did that and also created an Email password. The network update came but ended up freezing my Treo so I couldn't connect at all to the web or make phone calls. That problem got resolved quickly by customer service sending me another computer generated passcode and update.

    I decided to use Snappermail with as my SMTP server instead of Sprint and everything works fine now. Snappermail is a great Email program with attachment support. Customer support is tremendous. is the best web based Email program on planet earth. Their server is super fast. Emails are sent and received in a flash.

    The key to dealing with customer service at Sprint is to be mellow. Very few know what they are talking about. But they instantly credited my account $150 towards the purchase of the Treo (I asked customer service for this credit), in addition to the $40 activation fee(which was also credited to my account) and with the $50 rebate, that came to $240 credit. I bought the Treo 300 for $350 at Microcentral Computer in Westbury, NY and sold my Handera 330 for $125 on Ebay, so the Treo 300 cost me nothing.

    I sync my Treo with Outlook and use Backupbuddy with Jackflash for extra memory. I decided after a day to just use Sprint to connect via their computer generated passcode. The less I have to deal with customer service at Sprint for technical issues the better.

    I've used Sprint for 5 years now as my cell carrier and I have no doubt that they will perfect this network in time. I'm a CDMA fan, so my only choices here were Sprint or Verizon and Verizon's rates are outrageous.

    My ratings thus far: Treo 300: excellent
    Sprint: okay but needs to improve by
    increasing bandwith.

    Bottom Line: It is worth buying if you are a Palm saavy user. Don't count on Sprint for anything outside the connection.
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    This "hanging reset when connecting to Vision" has plagued me for 2 days...anyone else still having problems?
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    I have the problem once in a while... it seems like there are days when I never get any resets and then there are days (less numerous than before) that reset all day long and unable to get a data connection.
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    filing a complaint with the fcc is the only way your going to get a decent response.

    the link was posted on this thread previously.
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    See this thread:

    Sprint tech support admitted that Blazer has a memory leak
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    Thanks for the link; I must say, after spending time on many forums, the TC members are really very helpful, and much appreciated.
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    It's been almost 2 weeks, and this "hanging reset" issue is still going on. Spoke with Tier 2, would said it would be fixed if I reset the password, but it did not help.

    Have anyone successfully resolved this problem? I can't believe I'm the only one still having a problem.

    If there are any step by step troubleshooting or fixes, please advise.

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    mikec, Sprint has a fix in beta. I'm not sure when or if they will release it. Keep bugging them. FYI, the fix only solves the soft reset issue; it does not keep you from getting the equivalent of a data "busy" signal.
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    I stopped having the soft reset issue LONG ago
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    Okay, well it's been a month of no stable Vision service due to the "hanging connection / reset issue" (tries to connect under my username, hangs, resets. The only way to connect is to connect under Provisioning, then disconnect, then connect under my user name. Big problem, very un-usable.)

    Been through many reinstalls, reprovisions, resets, Tier 2, etc. Finally swapped out multiple devices, and the same problem exists.

    Odd thing is, the device worked perfectly in Dec. In Jan, problem began and has never left.

    I'm convinced, through process of elinimation, that there is something in the Outlook Sync that is causing this. (Once I hard reset, and do a master reset, the device and network work fine).
    Once I sync Outlook, the hanging reset reutrns.

    Even a fresh install and deleting PocketMirror does not do the trick. Again, the sync worked fine in Dec. (no hanging reset problems)

    I notice that every "new" sync stats with restoring extension databases? Is this necessary? In "rebuilding" my Treo, is there a particular order ?

    I can't believe I am the only one in the country that has this issue. There must be some trick, some configuration that can fix this problem.

    I'm really at my wits end, and am looking to the group for any advice that might remove this issue.

    Thank you in advance.
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    Sorry for the repeated post, but after even further testing, it turns out this is NOT an Outlook sync issue.

    I have the device displaying this behavior even after hard resets and master system lock resets/re-provisioing. (and it never touches or syncs to a PC)

    Should these be done in any order?

    I cannot believe other are not having this issue, especially after this occurs on multiple devices.

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    Mike, you're most likely not the only one experiencing this. The only reason that I am not is that I have a beta build of the firmware that eliminates the reset (though not the connection issues). Keep pestering Sprint. You might try contacting Michael Stephens, a senior Sprint guy on the Handspring relationship, at 913-221-8080 (or He was very helpful to me.
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