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    This is truly a testament to the power of user fora like TreoCentral. Had we simply been an uncoordinated, dispersed group of people with problems who weren't communicating with each other, this problem might never have gotten solved. But because we were able to coordinate our actions and press Sprint and Handspring like hell (albeit in relatively polite ways -- I agree with the user who said that ranting does no one any good), it looks like we're well on our way to having the service that we were promised and are paying for. I'm really quite happy, because the Treo is a wonderful device, and when it is performing as it is supposed to, it's a magnificent convenience.

    Huge thanks especially to Curtis but also to everyone else who spent hours and hours on the phone with "Claire," tier 1, tier 2, and listening to Sprint's incredibly boring music (I, myself, spent so much time listening to it that I have a crick in my neck and hear it in my sleep).

    Curtis (and everyone else), one final request: Sprint has been notoriously bad at communicating with us. When someone hears of how and when this fix is available to the general public, would you please post to this thread telling all of us how we go about getting it?
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    I will certainly post whatever information I can get. I'm as anxious as everyone, since I have to remove the patch on Monday and go back to the world of resets until the official version comes out. I was told that is would be soon, and hopefully within a week. So far my experience with this senior network engineer has been extremely positive, so I'm cautiously optimistic. Let's see what happens . . . .
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    Did the issue of data sessions seeming to die (without properly disconnecting) after a period of inactivity seem to come up?

    There are a lot of apps that rely on the data connection to either be there, or connect on request in order to do their job. TreoMail, Treo300SMS, other mail programs, etc. If the connection is hung (looks connected, but no data goes) then this greatly interferes with that functionality and perhaps causes battery draining issues.

    Just curious if they were aware of that issue at all.
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    Yes, I definitely put that issue front and center. I also explained how different programs react differently to this problem (for example, PQA's will start a new session, while Blazer and SnapperMail will just time out). I don't know about a fix, but Sprint and Handspring definitely know that users see this as a big pain in the rear.
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    Great, that's good to hear, thanks curtis.

    Hope to see some improvements, in some ways, for some problems, in the near future!
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    Just had a call from a Sprint tech support person named Matthew. He is above tier 2 support and said he had a fix. While discussing the fix, I quickly realized that we were not talking about the same problem. I refered him to this thread and advised that Handspring has a firmware update being tested. He said he was familiar with and would check this thread once he has Internet access.
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    I got an update from Tier 2 support today on my trouble ticket. In a voice message I was told that Sprint network engineering is working on the TCP/IP connection shortage and that the Handspring firmware fix is currently being tested. Sprint hopes to release it soon.

    I'll keep you updated. I'm very happy that Sprint has been so much more communicative. Interestingly enough, they are reading these posts and were very appreciative of our updating each other, as they are not allowed (officially) to post here.
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    I got a voicemail from them today...interestingly enough, I haven't had any soft reset crashes today, either...maybe they've already done something to increase capacity.
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    I'm almost afraid to say anything, but I haven't had any resets today. I'm just going to cross my fingers.

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    I'm in San Diego and I saw my first 2 resets today trying to connect to Vision. It's Sunday, so I'm not sure if capacity was an issue. I also look forward to a fix even though my problems aren't as bad as others.

    I'm glad to have seen this thread before I saw the resets or I would have been pretty annoyed and confused.
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    i got on a bunch of times today with no problems as well, but it IS sunday, after all...
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    I live in Los Angeles and about 2 hours ago, I got my 2 first resets ever, too. I disenabled treo300sms just for precautionary measures. then, connected through prefs. I am also glad that I have read this thread prior to having this problem. thanks fellas for keeping users aware.
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    Turned the Treo 300 on this morning (Monday, Nov. 18) to discover a Sunday, Nov. 17, voice mail message from SprintPCS rep. The message: the trouble ticket that I had opened (after prompting by others on this wonderful board who did so earlier than I) was being addressed, w/ SprintPCS engineers trying hard to correct the network-related issues. The rep also confirmed that Handspring was working on the firmware upgrade that is meant to address the soft reset issue and that, once the upgrade was fully tested, Handspring would announce its general availability.

    Kudo's to SprintPCS for the unsolicitied follow-up call. Let's hope we can all deliver kudo's to SprintPCs for a permanent network fix and to Handspring for a workable firmware upgrade.

    While I wont' "count my chickens" until the network fix/upgrade prove themselves; congrats to all on this board who pushed so hard to get this problem addressed.

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    I connected several times today Monday and yesterday Sunday without one soft reset.

    Is the problem still around for everyone?
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    On my drive from St Louis to Madison last night, I had the same old problem while driving through Central Illinois -- numerous timeouts (where Blazer can't connect for hours) -- and then actually had the soft reset after about an hour of inactivity.

    I would LOVE to get the inside story on what's been happening among the Sprint PCS product team for the past couple of weeks. I hope our Tier2 tech friend didn't get canned for posting on this board and encouraging us to file FCC complaints. Can you imagine what a PITA it is for Sprint to have to deal with a sudden slam of a hundred formal FCC complaints! HAR HAR HAR! I think he did the right thing though.

    What a great board!
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    Excuse all typos posting via Treo.
    Between yesterday and starting today I must have shutdown and soft reset 10 to 15 times here in TX. Sometimes I will receive an error message "network unavailable please try agaian later" . I soft reset one or two times and I am able to connect.
    Can anyone point me to the "comma key" thanks
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    comma key is Option (blue) - V.
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    Searchedall over for that key!!!
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    Searched all over for that key!!!
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    is this problem fixed?

    I have not had any problems connecting at all in the past 3 days...

    Anyone else still crashing?
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