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    Thanks R1Robb. It's nice to hear from someone at sprint and in particular it's nice that you took the time to visit this board and let's all know that:

    1. There is an acknowledged problem and we're all not crazy;
    2. There is a temporary fix; and
    3. Sprint is working on a permanent fix.

    Come back often and feel free to contribute. It will probably save a lot of time on the phone for all of us and you as well.

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    I may be lost or just extremely exhausted so I apologize if I have missed the answer. I can not make any outgoing or receive any incoming, wireless mode is off, and when I attempt to connect to wireless mode it locks up the treo (Therefore I can not even dial *2). Any Ideas?
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    I got it working by doing a hard reset. Thank Goodness for BackupBuddy.
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    Happening in Raleigh, NC as well. Just started noticing it, mostly the always on connection being disconnected if it isn't used for awhile. Then, try to reconnect just gets hung a few times, but never to the point of a reset.

    Not the biggest nuisance, but could see how it could be for many of you. Anxiously awaiting a Sprint fix.

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    Make sure that your Treo is set to NOT re-establish the data connection every time you turn on the phone.

    If you set it to connect automatically every time you turn the phone on, when your data won' work your phone also won't work either.
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    two or three times in the past week I've been using an app, like Blazer or PalmVNC, and in the middle I lose the data connection and have to re-connect.

    This happens to me at my desk, which is a consistent "four-bar" location.

    This appears to be different from the reset problem. No reset, and so far when I try to reconnect it works again, without the Sprint provisioning thing.
    --invention is the mother of necessity
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    Originally posted by curtiscarmack
    d1robb, thanks for weighing in. For those who have tried his suggestion and find the problem recurring, I suggest the following simpler approach, which definitely is NOT a permanent fix:

    1. Go to Preferences>Network
    2. If you are "connected," click "disconnect"
    3. Once you are disconnected, select Sprint Provisioning from the dropdown list at the top left
    4. Click "connect"
    5. Once the arrows have changed from green to gray, click "disconnect"
    6. Select your Vision username from the same dropdown list and click connect

    You should now have data connectivity again. This has never failed for me since I started using it, except in areas with no signal. It sounds complicated, but it doesn't take too long, and I think it basically re-provisions your phone without going back to the original settings (I could be wrong about this, but it does work).
    hmmm...I just tried this and it still didn't connect and caused a soft reset.
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    Sprinster, you've got the worst case I've heard of. Let's hope the Sprint tech's solution works for you, and even better, that the whole problem goes away soon! This reprovisioning thing is driving me nuts.
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    OK, I just spent 40mins with Sprint tech George who advised the problem ticket is still open and has NOT been worked on yet. He was not aware of this issue so I asked to see if we could be conferenced in with Tier-2 support. Instead, he offered to walk over and ask them about it since they are in the same department. When he returned, he advised that he talked with two tier-2 techs and none of them knew of this issue. He asked if anyone had suggested to take the phone in for analysis. Told him it had been done with another user and that we also had done hard resets and whole unit replacements and the problem remained. He started to ask for a better description of the problem symptoms so I refered him to this thread. He said he would investigate this further and also would escalate the problem. He advised that within 72 hours, we should have an update from the engineering tech who has been assigned to work the ticket. Thanks George!
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    And that, my friends, is the single biggest problem with SprintPCS techincal support. You never get the same answer from any two different people. One tech will tell you that you have a known problem that's being addressed, yet the next person you talk to has never heard of it. When I was going through my eight week nightmare of getting my PCS Vision account activated and provisioned, I talked to four different wireless web techs and never got the same story twice. With all due respect to our new friend d1robb, as well as to "George," there is a fundamental problem with the way SprintPCS disseminates information to its technical support people.
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    I still think that it is a matter of the treo crashing when the network is unavailable and treo times out. I can understand that occaisionally the network will be down or overloaded, but don't understand why the treo crashes when it times out. Obviously this is a bug in the operating system and hopefully someone will write a simple hack to fix it.
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    You may want to consider posting a complaint with the FCC on this issue. It can be done online at:

    Mine was forwared to a Sprint"Executive Analyst" who was assigned to handle my complaint. Unfortunately, the problem is so persistent on my Treo that I've given up and am now using a Samsung A500 -- at least I can dependably make/receive calls!!

    FYI ... The direct dial line to the exec. analyst section at Sprint is: (866) 519-5698.
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    Issue confirmed in Northern Virginia for the past several weeks. FCC complaint submitted...fingers crossed.
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    Would you be disciplined or lose your job if you made a few discreet inquiries and tried to find out what, if anything, Sprint is doing about the problem? Since you've stated that you're not the person who actually performs the fixes on problems of this sort, can you find out if the people who DO work on the technical end of the shop are aware of the problem and actively working on a resolution? I think it would make a lot of us feel a lot better about the checks we're writing to Sprint every month if we knew that a resolution was at least in the works.

    Many thanks in advance. I think all of us are smart enough to know not to shoot the messenger on this one.
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    Do these network probs effect new user activation? What is this 72 hour business crap to wait for Vision activation? Is there someone manually adding in phones over there for that? Do you guys snail mail the request from one office to another?

    Thanks for your input on the board, very much appreciated.

    L -
    (31 Hours and no Vision Activation yet - Sprint Provisioning my ***)
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    FCC complaint filed! In problem description field, I refered them to this thread.
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    I have also submitted form 475 to the FCC. I'm in Washington, DC and am constantly having the problem.

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    FCC complaint logged. problems from Madison WI and San Diego CA. So much for just problems in a local area...thank goodness for treocentral...I was going to chunck this POS in a river.
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