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    I want to set this up. Can someone who has done it walk me through it?

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    Which email software program are you using?

    I have been able to receive email with Eudora and Tapmail, but I have never been able to send mail, not even with my sprintpcs email account.
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    Turned out to be simple. PUt CD in computer and run set following directions. Went to Handspring and down loaded 30 free trial of Treo Mail and then synced for the first time. I was afraid that my large number of contacts would crash the phone, but so far it did not. So all contacts are in. When to web mail and it had my e mails downloaded from I send and received e mails from my phone. Wonderful.

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    I can receive and send mail with Treo Mail
    All other programs gave me problems...Snapper, Biz, Eud.
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    Do you know if you can send attachments via treo mail and an earthlink account? Any limit to the size of the attachments?
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    I haven't tried to send attachments. I think I read you can't so I did not try.

    I was very pleased to get the first download at my kitchen table first thing in the morning. Then I sent to my main computer later and downloaded from Mindspring. Then I went away from office for meeting and when I down loaded I get on the Treo even e mails I had deleted while in the office.

    The review of Treo Mail says one can turn off Treomail from getting your mail off ther mindspring server. Does any one know how to do this. This would be a work around. When away from office, turn of Teromail getting your mail and turn it on when you leave the office.

    Thanks. It was great to have access to my email on my phone so that in minuets after leaving my offsite meeting I could see if there was anything urgent. There was, I responded while in public transportation. I could do that last week.

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