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    I'm excited about the email functionality on the Treo but I'm very concerned about switching from Verizon to Sprint PCS Single band.
    I live in NYC, but travel frequently.

    Any feedback on the coverage, roaming, etc?

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    I travel and always have coverage in any decent sized city. I've been to Manhattan and had coverage everywhere inclunding in the buildings.
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    I've used sprint all over the country. The coverage is pretty good, except out in the middle of nowhere. When I go on remote trips, I sometimes carry another phone that is dual-mode (my old 2G Sprint PCS phone), and if I'm really out of sprint coverage and HAVE to make a call, use it (I added that phone to my plan free of charge on the sprint add-a-phone plan). Rarely have I had to resort to that, though.
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    I don't know about NYC, but I have traveled a lot with Sprint and have surprisingly great coverage virtually everywhere I go. But I know for some people that isn't always the case. You might want to take a look at their coverage maps.
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    I've been a Sprint customer for 5 years, and travel quite a bit....I've found no coverage issues in the following cities: Denver, Northern Colorado, Dallas-Fort Worth, Minneapolis, Chicago, New York City, Newark, Coastal Connecticut, Windsor CT, Fort Lauderdale, Atlanta, Austin, TX, Houston.....and along most Interstates as well. The only time its a problem is on the back roads in the middle of no-where...Sprints coverage and reception is great...
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    i was worried about coverage also, especially since a friend who owns a phone store did not want to sell me the phone because he thought i would not be happy. i live on the south shore of long island. i have had the phone in the hamptons and on the north fork with no problems.

    i have also had it in williamsburg va, and at several stops on the road between here and there. all with no problems. in fact, clear as a bell.
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    In early October I took a driving trip from Sacramento to British Columbia via central Oregon and Washington, and then back by the coast. I found Sprint's coverage to be pretty much as shown on their coverage maps, at least in the US. For instance, the Oregon coast was dead, as was the Northern California coast except around Eureka. I got good signal in some surprisingly small towns, though, including Bend (population 20K) and Sisters (population 1K), Oregon. I got digital roaming voice coverage (no data or E-mail) in the Vancouver, BC area, but nothing in Whistler or in the Okanagan area of south-central BC.
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    I live in Farmingdale. I had the treo 180 with Voicestream. I couldn't get coverage in malls and coverage was spotty. It improved when using a Nokia phone. What did you have previous to the Treo 300?
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    before the treo i had a mitsubishi t250 from at&t. now that you mention it, i will agree that the treo is not as good inside buildings. i have had to walk out of costco to call home. the mitsubishi was not great in those circumstances but it did get a signal.

    can't say much about actual car use either. i'm totally spoiled by my onstar with personal calling. touch a button, say 'call home' and it does... THAT's the way it should work in the car.

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