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    I currently have a Samsung i300 (non 2.5G) and am strongly tempted to go for the $250 Amazon deal (actually two - one for me and one for my wife) but aside from also being tempted by the new OS5 devices, I'm also worried about coverage. I'm not particularly happy with my i300's signal quality. Most importantly, I can't get a signal in my house. We live in a relatively rural area and about the only carrier that works in our house is Verizon. Second, even at work (inside the 6th floor of our building, near a window, in downtown Hartford) the signal is shaky and very staticky.

    Does the 2.5G network apply to voice as well? Can I expect better/worse coverage than my i300? Thanks, the clock is ticking ($50 rebate ends 11/2)...

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    I'm sure it all depends. For reference: on my old Samsung 8500 I had no signal bars in my house, only the antenna display showing. Calls were staticky. With the Treo 300, I now have 1 bar and calls are crystal clear, though they do fade in/out depending upon where I am when walking around the house.

    Buildings are the same thing. Depends on how much concrete and stuff is between you and the nearest tower supporting Sprint.

    Some have a 14-day return window, so you can try it out and see. However, even with no bars on the Treo 300, it has had very clear calls.

    This all being said, it's the best cell phone (and PDA) I've ever had!!!

    Good luck!
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    Do you feel the phone's processor (33mhz) is fast enough? Especially for 3G data?
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    Gosh, I don't know about that one. I use EudoraWeb which doesn't pull the pics (setting?) and it seems to scream when pulling down sites. Blazer is a bit more slow, though I've never really done a compare of Blazer with no graphics vs. EudoraWeb.

    I use the phone for: internet (finding addresses, weather, etc. when traveling), e-mail (Eudora connected to a Mailshell account), to-do lists, calendar, etc.

    No real heavy hitting processor requirements on my end, but I've seen others wish they had a more recent release of the OS (though 4 only added SMC support) or a more speedy processor.

    To me, I haven't really noticed a good or bad about it.

    Sorry I couldn't be of more useful help.


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