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    I ordered my Treo 300 through Amazon yesterday, and set as 2-day shipping. Now it's telling me the estimated delivery date is November 8-15 -_-

    Is this suppose to be like this?
    The pain of waiting!
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    It may not be the case. I ordered mine Mon. and it said delivered between Nov. 7-14.

    I got an email today saying it shipped today! I did 2 day air. I'm sure I'll get it in 2 bus. days.

    I'm sure it is just a CYA on Amazon's part, just in case the warehouse gets backed up or something.
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    I'm still packing my Samsung N400. I gotta return it the day the treo arrives and before the 30-day thing dies. Gimme my treo >_<
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    Indeed, WHEATHIN. Perhaps Amazon is just being cautious in their estimate of arrival date.

    Still, I just checked their website, and the product page still says "Usually ships in 24 hours."

    I dunno.

    (shrugs shoulders and gets a glazed look in eyes)
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    I ordered the serial cable for the Treo 300 the day they started selling them (it said ships in 24 hours). It has since been delayed 5 times for a total of a month. I kept accepting the delays because they have such a good price $13.00 with free shipping when I ordered it. Out of nowhere they finally shipped today!
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    Ordered yesterday (10/31), using next day delivery, after the new plans were added and received today.

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