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    Since I know there are a lot of former Digital Link users who are now Treo 300 users (the logical upgrade for Sprint people), make sure you call and ask for your credit. They simply check your history to see that you purchased a Digital Link and then credit $250 to your account. It appears to be a regular credit (good for service not just equipment) which is only fair because I just bought the Treo and don't really need another $250 phone right now!

    Wow, between the unexpected car charger replacement and a full credit for us early adopters who believed the "you'll be the first to have a 3G device" Digital Link press relaeases, Sprint seems to be doing the right things for once.

    Let's just hope their generosity (need I mention the unlimited data) doesn't run them out of business!
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    I was told it was for equipment only, not service. If it was, it should show up on your account, not as a note.
    My Treo has more memory than I do.
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    My account balance currently reads -$250, so that should mean that it works for service as well. We shall see at the next bill.

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