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    According to Yahoo group:

    It does work. (Search on Treo90). I do not know LTH but the posts there on use with the Treo seem positive. I've just got my Treo 90 - moving back to Palm from PPC so gotta relearn this stuff. I had just found LTH when I got a PPC so it will be fun to learn it on a device with no graffiti area. That being said...I really like the form factor of the Treo. Its great


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    I have been using LTH with my Treo 90 after my Visor Deluxe broke. That was me on the peditors forum with the review. I really like the combo of LTH and Fitaly, and I am waiting for the new on-screen Fitaly 3 to be released by the end of the year. It will be compatible with color devices. LTH is great with the Treo. Makes it easy to navigate lists and pull down menus without using the stylus. There are many other sophisticated features that are too numerous (and sometimes complicated) to list here. But it makes keyboard use much friendlier. It is an essential hack. I use it with Tealmaster. I use the % as the escape character. It's easy to activate with the %. Works beautifully with Treo 90. So does pedit pro.

    I have no connection whatsoever to pedit pro or LTH. I just think they make my PDA much more useful. I have been using both for nearly 3 yrs.

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    Thanks for the info Jon. LTH Certainly has quite a lengthy manual!


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    pardon my stupidity, put what does the program do exactly?

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