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    I get about 2.0-2.5 hours of internet use before my battery needs charging. This seems on par with talk times.

    I'm _REALLY_ in debate if I should consider swapping out my Treo for a Samsung I330 when Best Buy gets it (Hopefully in Nov).

    From what I read in the past, the I300 came with two batteries because standby/talk times were low.
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    My Samsung I300 had better battery life (talk time) then the Treo does by far. Also, the Samsung screen turns off when you're talking while the treo does not.
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    I had read somewhere here that Handspring was going to be coming out with a battery that can "piggy-back" onto the Treo300 to extend battery life. You may want to check that out as well.
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    I have heard about the piggy-back battery as well, it would solve the power issue...... At an extra cost Also no final word when it will come out.

    I'm assuming this new battery will be similar to the ones that were used on older Motorola Startac's.
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    My battery life stinks, but since I am frequently near an outlet or in my car so it's no biggie. The Treo charges *really* fast; even just a few minutes gets you a good charge.


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