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    I want to use dial-up networking to connect my laptop to the internet via the modem in my Treo 270 (just like I use to do with my old phone).

    Sadly this option does not appear to be available on the 270, which is a BIG problem!!!

    Is there anyway I can do this? All I've found is TreoModem, but this is no longer available :-((

    Any help gratefully received,

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    The software that you need now appears to be called WirelessModem, and it is available (without support) at

    After a fair amount of adjustments with initiation strings, I was able to establish a PPP connection using my computer's IR port and a treo 270. However, shortly after the password negociation, the wirelessmodem software crashes and locks the treo thereby ending the session.

    Has anyone used WirelessModem to use a TREO to link a Windows 2000 computer with a server? What settings were used? Which initiation string?

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