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    well i've done it. i've successfully "upgraded" the earpiece speaker on my treo. it's roughly 2-3 volume bars louder than before. i went from a 4 ohms-o.2 watt speaker to an 8 ohms- 1.1 watt speaker. even got the speakers for free!! all i used were a saftey pin, soldering iron, spray adhesive & a little ingenuity (the new speaker was a tad bigger in diameter). it was a cinch to do & there is absolutely no evidence of my little modification either!! was it worth it? if you have basic hobbyist's skills & about 5 min. to spare, why not?!!!
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    Please post a couple of pictures of your invention.
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    Now if someone could find a reliable way one could:

    a) Make the vibrate mode "silent" (it's very loud now). I know how to make it work perfectly if I squeezed my Treo just right. Now if someone could tell me how to reliably open the case and make a modification to stop the crazy buzzing once and for all that would be awesome!

    b) Make the system click much softer. It's just too darn loud and is not affected by system sound volume.
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    i heard on another post that some guy wrapped foil (?) around the vibrator to make it quieter. I think maybe some sort of thin "foam" would work too (maybe some double sided mounting tape as it is sort of thick). the treo is easy to take apart. just unscrew all four screws on back & snap it apart! the vibrator should be the only thing "stuck" on the inside of the treo back (a little rectangular box). don't remove it, just wrap some sort of foam around it (will it fit with all the other parts?) like a frame. anyway, I may or may not try this mod too. i'm just so stoked about the louder speaker!!! oh, I don't have a camera so sorry no pics. but it's very easy. if enough people can't figure it out i'll post some instructions...
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    Where did you get this speaker, and what model or type is it, so I know what kind to get. And is it as easy as taking the wires from the old speaker and soldering them to the new? please some details would help... I am very interested in doing this as I can not hear the phone in my car while driving.
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    Originally posted by elcidroyale
    i went from a 4 ohms-o.2 watt speaker to an 8 ohms- 1.1 watt speaker.
    Hmm. Very strange. An increase in speaker impedance should lead to less power supplied from final amplifier and lower volume.
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    Lets just assume I have trouble getting scotch tape off of a roll cleanly. Can you post the source and model of the speaker and some step by step instructions! This would be a welcome modification as I find I miss calls because the volume is low.

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