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    I am still having problems setting up Basejet to run as a standlone. I have read many posts here saying how good Basejet is, but I can't figure this out. I changed the Device Sync Port to 110 and I get this message when I do a Wireless Sync. "The device connected to the transporter but could not locate the launcher. Verify the launcher configuration and try again."

    I have also changed in the Hot Sync custom settings for Basejet to do nothing when it comes to syncing.

    If I get this working - will basejet leave a copy of the e-mail message on the server so I can retrieve the message with my desktop computer? As well, does Basejet download the whole message or only a bit of the message - I don't really want it to download large e-mails and take up all my KB usage on my plan?

    I appreciate the help!
    Darren Greenspoon
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    I tried it both ways, you can switch the way it works in the prefs screen. For me, either way (I like using POP since outlook doesn't have to be open) I have to have basejet running in the windows desktop sys tray - with the internet connection working. It will check my yahoo mail every 15 minutes, and keep the GPRS connection good for Blazer at all times. If set to work with Outlook, it will check all mail. The trick seems to be that I have a DSL connection that is always on, so Basejet always works. I did have to fiddle with the port from 80 to 110. After that, both methods seem to work. I love it! And free so far.....

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    I understand that you can run Basejet without basejet running on your computer. That it can be run as a standalone program on your plam - but I have yet to get it working. If anyone has been successful - please tell me the settings in detail.

    Thank you.
    Darren Greenspoon
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    I had BaseJet working stand alone for a while...

    To get it working you need to freshly install the BaseJet PRC onto the Treo, but make sure you do NOT sync your Treo with your machine until after you've done a Wireless Sync from inside BaseJet.

    So... Sync once to install BaseJet
    Then do a wireless sync with basejet
    Then feel free to sync with your desktop again.
    Make sure though you are not running the basejet desktop software because if you are BaseJet with sync with it and will no longer work in stand alone mode.

    Also, I encountered some bug that was causing BaseJet to cause a fatel exception when using it in stand alone mode. The exception never occurs when syncing through the desktop (wirelessly), but it was occuring pretty regularlly when on standalone mode.

    Hope that helps,
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    Everything know seems to be working with Basejet except the fetch mail every x minutes feature. It isn't automatically fetching the mail and notifying me that mail has arrived. Any suggestions?
    Darren Greenspoon
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    Originally posted by dgreensp
    Everything know seems to be working with Basejet except the fetch mail every x minutes feature. It isn't automatically fetching the mail and notifying me that mail has arrived. Any suggestions?

    Update: On-device polling works only if you initiate a sync between the set hours, and then only works during those hours. For the next day, you have to do the same. I have reported this to them and they know about the problems and said they actually have fix it and it will be in the next release.
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    OK, just spent an hour trying to figure out what is going on here.

    Treo 300 Sprint PCS and Basejet

    Key things to note:

    1. Just download the PRC, don't download the desktop software.
    (If you did and installed it to your Treo like that, you need to un-install the desktop software, un-install the PRC, do a sync, then re-install just the PRC to the Treo via the palm app, not the basejet windows software.

    2. Configure basejet on your Treo (I configured it as IMAP)

    3. Key: Change :80 in 2 places to :110, "... change the Sync port from 80 to 110 (maybe that info is buried somewhere here but everywhere I've seen it mentioned there is no note of this). I needed to change it in Polling AND in Other/Advanced."

    Support Message:,Standalone


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