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    I tried out omni remote on my treo I can only get about 2 foot away from the vcr and get it to work. I am bummed. hell I have the tv listing but I still have to hunt for a remote (G)
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    Yep, IR range is disappointing with OmniRemote Pro. My old visor deluxe had at least a 10 foot range, and the springboard module gave me more than 40 feet. Now, like you I only get 3 feet max. Big disappointment.

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    I agree that the IR stinks on the '90. I sometimes have to move my '90 back and forth just to get it to make a connection to my laptop for syncing. Handspring should have rethought this, as they advertise the Treo as a device that many people will use to connect to their mobile phone via IR.

    On another note, I think my Treo syncs via IR slower than my Prism does, even though the two devices have the same data on them. Maybe I am just imagining it...
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