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    Anyone tried Tapliner on the Treo?

    Any better than Blazer or Xiino?
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    Do not use Tapliner.

    Tapliner lets you view a web page exactly as seen on a desktop computer but in small pieces at a time on the Treo. Also the browser is way too slow.

    You would be better off with Blazer. But if you do want to spend money use Xiino for right now until something better comes along.

    Just my opinion.
    May the lord bless you and Heaven smile upon you.
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    I had a feeling someone would say that.

    I will say this, if the Samsung I330 comes out before my 30 day return policy is up with Best Buy I might just make the switch, especially if the Samsung Palm has a faster processer.

    BTW: I feel Xiino is faster than Blazer.

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