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    Originally posted by treotim
    The old charger has the "Up" lable inscribed on the connector. The new one does not, and looks like an aftermarket charger.
    The one I got in the mail looks exactly like the one that came with my unit originally (no 'up' label- 2 screws on the bottom, red LED light) Hmmm.
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    i bought my treo from a sprint store and the charger i got seems to work fine. It didn't seem to charge as fast as the AC adapter.

    I got the the new charger on Wed. and started using it. The only challenge is the charger I got is a b*tch to remove.

    I gotta Wiggle it around and angle it to get it off. I am keeping the old charger as a backup in case I break this one trying to get if off.
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    For those of us who got the Treo at the very beginning, the problem with the car charger was pretty well-known. Caused the Treo to have a fatal error and do a soft reset...pain in the $%#^ more than anything else. I went out and bought a new charger direct from Handspring, and the problem went away (threw the old one out). Now that they've sent me another one, I'll just put that in my wife's car...
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