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    Does anyone know of an adapter that would allow a standard 2.5mm headset or other hands-free device to work on the Treo...but also includes the button? I sometimes find it annoying that I need to open the flip to handle incoming calls when I'm in the car...

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    Search the forum for headsets, it's been discussed a zillion times!
    Any headset that has a 4 conductor 2.5 mini plug designed for Nokia 3000/8000 series phones will work with the Treo.
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    Wasn't my question -- I currently have a handsfree setup in my car that works (using a Nokia 8000 adapter).

    My question was whether or not an adapter existed such that it also has the multi-function button included in the adapter. This way, I could use it on my current setup and also get back the multi-function button.
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    No it does not exist!
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    Thank you, that answers my question.

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