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    I am curious. Does anyone know why this device is $700 without service activation. I know it is new, but $700 is more than a pocketpc phone edition which sales for $550. Sony sells the clie for about the same. Both the pocket pc and clie seem to have more technology in them than the treo.

    By the way, the pocket pc phone edition is garbage.
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    The Treo on T-Mobile is not subsidized much, so the retail cost is quite high. I encourage anyone who wants a Treo 270 to buy it at an auction on Ebay. I did this, and got my Treo for an incredably reasonable price of $375 shipping included! What a deal, my Palm Vx with its Omnisky modem and a T-mobile phone cost me over $1000!

    As to the Pocket PC, its retail cost is over $800. T-Mobile wouldn't even sell it to existing customers. Finally now, they are willing to sell it for $550. It's a neat device, and I like Windows CE, but when it comes to software titles, the Palm platform has SO much more to offer! There are thousands of Palm software apps, most of which run on the Treo, and most cost less than $20. Reason enough to go with the Treo!
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    Umm, not to rain on your parade but there are also thousands of programs available for the PPC, including amazing hirez games not available for the palm. Also, tmobile will sell the ppc phone to you for under $400 if you are a long time customer and ask...


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