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    I tried 1 Button Pro. What a mistake. The limited number of tries (20) was hit...and now all I get on my fourth (Palm Icons) button is a notice saying it's expired. I can't get to my icons to delete 1 button. I can't get to my icons at all.
    Anyone know what to do?
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    Try this:

    Hold down the scroll-up key on the front, and while keeping
    it depressed, press and release the reset button on the back.

    Keep the scroll button depressed until you see the Palm
    logo and the release it.

    This should bypass any OS extensions that get loaded on
    startup. Then you should be able to get to the delete
    function to remove the app that's hanging you up.

    Then soft reset again, to get all the phone's functionality
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    Thanks much for the assistance...but no, same thing after following your instructions. Any Plan B?
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    Give this a try: press the blue "shift" key and then the menu "home" key. That should get to the applications screen where you can promtly delete that piece of @$/*. What a horrible demo.

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