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    I went to my Local T--Mobile store the other day to get a T68 w/ Bluetooth for use with my Treo 90. The clerk said that they were no longer supporting the T68 because of all of the problems it was having. (Lost connections, etc...) I thought he was just giving me a line, because the phone was still available from their website.
    Today I log into, and sure enough, the T68 no longer shows up under "Phones"??!!?? Is this just true in the Tucson, AZ market I am in, or is this nationwide? If it is true...

    1. Does anyone really have a connection problem with the T68 for making calls?
    2. Is their a viable alternative for a good bluetooth phone? (No cingular in Tucson, yet)
    3. I can't think of a third question about the phone.

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    I'm getting a T68i to review in the next couple weeks, straight from sony erricson, with T-mobile I assume, and i'm in tucson too. I suppose ill find out pretty quick if ther is no service for it here.
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    I know that AT&T (at least in the DC area) offers the T68i... worth checking, at least.
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    What they told me the other day was that because it has an internal antenna it sucks in most of their areas and drops a lot of calls. They said they were going to continue offering it in the California market, but that was it. Presumably their tower coverage is more dense there.

    She thought they were going to be getting a new bluetooth phone from Nokia shortly, although who knows for sure. I also asked her why AT&T charges a lot less for that model, and she just said AT&T offers the T68i which is different than the T68?
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    My local T-Mobile store manager said he expects to have the T68i in stock later this year. (He himself uses one on T-Mobile that he got elsewhere.) He says he was told T-Mobile had a software problem programming it for their system. His own phone, in which he put in the settings himself, works fine.

    I have an Ericsson T-39m, which T-Mobile/Voicestream never carried. He is helping me get it working with T-Mobile internet. So far I can receive, but not send messages. I don't think the problem is T-Mobile as such, however. From what I've read, ATTBI, my ISP, is difficult to work with.

    Good luck.
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    I just placed an order for an Ericson m520 phone with Bluetooth and I am debating getting service from Tmobile or AT&T. I found the M520 for $134.00, which is $100 cheaper than the T68. It is just a phone to me, as I use my Treo for Email, Web access, etc... I don't think I need the bells and whistles of the T68.

    Maybe it will work better with T Mobile that the T68 does. I will let you guys know.

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    Another thread, AT&T Broadband GPRS and Eudora, just solved my problem with sending e-mail with Eudora. For outgoing, but not incoming, mail, the username needs to include That is <myname>

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