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    I was looking at Handsprings plan page and it goes from

    800 min
    Unlimited Night Weekends
    $10/month Unlimited Data.


    2000 min
    $10/month Night Weekends
    Unlimited Data


    I want something in between.
    1200 Minutes and Unlimited Data, the Night Weekend is uselss to me if I get the 1200 Plan.

    Anyone know if I can get a plan other than the 8 listed on Handsprings site?
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    There doesn't appear to be anything in between. You can go to: <> to see the complete list.

    The $60 plan is actually $70 for unlimited data which is only $15 less than the $85 plan which includes unlimited data. Of course, the difference is the unlimited N/W. Another thing to note is that on the $85 plan, you get a second line (separate number) w/o charge...on the $60 plan, it is an extra $20. I've got 2 phones on the $85 plan and couldn't be happier...I went from 1000 minutes on 2 lines for $90/month + $5 WW to 2000 minute on 2 lines for $85/month + unlimited data. Not that it matters, but the $85 plan includes unlimited PCS to PCS calling.

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