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    Has anyone else noticed?

    Last Thursday, I stopped receiving e-mail under my existing personalized screenname. I have had it since the early stages of 2G, and now Sprint has converted us all to THEIR preferred email system using They're not even sure they'll be able to give me back the screenname that worked perfectly w/ both 2G AND 3G services because they've 'switched to a new server'. It's not like someone else has it now, it's simply no longer available!! That's complete BS as far as I'm concerned. They're response to my issue (and my lost e-mail for the last 6 days) "read the terms of your contract...e-mail is free and we're not responsible for any related issues...". Oh, joy.
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    I received some kind of notification that they were going to do this. I think it was snail mail.

    I simply went into my PCS Vision configuration area and changed my Vision user name, which is what acts as your e-mail address. Admittedly, I didn't change it back to my old one, but I did drop off the numeric portion of my Vision user name and it works just fine.

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    As an old 2G email user I finally went through the pain of setting up Vision web access per Sprint's instructions. Vision access via the web seems useless for Treo users as far as I can tell.

    However, after setting this up, Eudora mail on my Treo was not working. So I tried to change my Vision screen name to my old 2G screen name but got an error saying that the name was already taken (duh, probably still had not been cleared).

    Finally I went into email settings and found a place where I could change my email passord, so I did that and viola, email is working again, but this time with my vision screen name.

    So, I now have userid/password combos for standard PCS, Vision, Email, and BC. What a mess - but, hey at least they all finally work for now.


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