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    I do construction for a living and I need a calculator that does fractions. I have a "Construction Master" calculator and other than always rounding to the nearest 16th, it works great. It also lets me figure hip roofs, concrete, and metric conversions.

    I am hoping someone knows of a fraction or construction calculator in Palm OS.
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    I'm using their PowerOne personal calculator. Quite good.

    I'm thinking you might like their PowerOne scientific calculator.

    Have a look here.

    And here for their construction template:

    (This can be used for PowerOne Finance and PowerOne Graph only, I think.)
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    Thanks, Ive seen this but never realized that it had those patches or that it could do fractions. I think I'll try the demo version before I pony up the bucks.
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    This is not exactly a calculator but is definetly a handy tool for the wood worker.

    In 2D mode "Wood" does a good job of calculating the amount of lumber you need to make a given number of boards of various lengths.

    In 3D mode it does the same for sheets of materials, such as plywood, sheetrock and paneling.

    The file size is a bit large at 105k but if you have expanded memory it can be very handy to have around.
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    Thanks, I'll give it a try.

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