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    Hi everyone,

    Here's something I've noticed:

    - I open the Treo 180, so I land on the speed dial list
    - I type in 2 repeating initials to try to access the phone book (say I punch in "bb" for Bob Brown)
    - instead of ending up in the phone book, I end up on the phone keypad screen

    This happens regardless of whether there is anyone in my phonebook with those repeating initials or not (doesn't matter if Bob Brown does or does NOT exist in my phone book).

    Has anyone else noticed this?


    P.S. I stand corrected, sometimes it works properly (say Charlie Chan), othertimes not (Terry Thomas kicked me into keypad mode).

    I can't find a pattern yet, so I'd be curious to know other people's experiences.
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    Hi AndiS,

    Kevin from Handspring here. Iím not sure why youíre having that problem, but there may be a way to work around it. The Instant Lookup feature can take into account the first few letters of the last name as well as the first and last initials, so that typing TH should bring up Terry Thomas. Hereís a link to the Customer Support pages on for more details:

    How do I use Instant Lookup on my Treo?

    I hope that helps.

    Best wishes,
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    Kevin Michaels
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    On my unit, it does the opposite (it assumes you're typing letters first, so if I do want to type a phone number starting with 77 (and you don't want to push the option key first to get to numbers) ... I get matches for BB until I type the rest of the phone number that does not have a match with an address book entry).

    Here's what happens:

    1. Speed dial view
    2. I press letter B/7 (note that I DO have matches for B)
    3. I'm taken to Contacts and I see all B matches
    4. I press another letter B/7 (note that I DO have matches for BB)
    5. I see all BB matches
    6. I press U/2 (note that I do NOT have any matches for BBU)
    7. I am taken to the Dial pad view with 772 entered

    Hmm. Which is not what you experienced. Can anyone else out there reproduce the original behaviour?
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