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    My boss dropped on me his latest toy, the treo 300. He wants to be able to link the treo to his laptop by usb and take advantage of the built in sprint internet access while using a regular browser and keyboard of his laptop. Ive read the threads about using the treo as a wireless modem, but thats not what im looking for. I dont want to have to dial into another isp. I want to use the same network as the treo is using. If its possible, do i need a special cable, or can you pull it off with the usb hotsink cable the treo comes with.

    Thanks for the help.
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    Can't be done right now, Handspring hasn't written a USB driver. Sprint does support using phones as gateways to vision, not requiring you to dialup (free connection on laptop). However, the treo300 doesn't have a driver to enable sprint to do it. If a driver is written then sprint will release their connection software which will provide you access to the vision network.

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