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    Works well, is free, seems fast, etc. My only complaint is there is no option to delete from server when deleted locally. You can either leave them all on server, or delete them when downloaded. Other then that it's slick since it's free. I'm not gonna pay $60 for snappermail, I'm sorry but that's just way too much money for a little palm app.

    Every palm app costs a fortune, 10K of code for like $20+. Considering you can buy warcraft3 for $50 and that has mad coding in it, and access to a huge gaming network (, etc.) that makes snappermail seem like a huge rip off. Palm apps should cost less then $5 because of their simplicity; just my 2 cents. More people would buy them if they were less money, more people being enough that profits would be increased.
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    I agree, they are way too expensive. With desktops we get free e-mail clients. With the Palm, just to get 3/4 of the features of a desktop client we have to pay $60 US I am in Canada, so to me that is $94.....oooh what a good deal. I am using Snappermail, and I think it is awesome, except for some of the missing features coming out in the next release, but there is no way I am going to pay for it once the beta ends.
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    Those are all valid points, but you have to see it from the developers view as well. The palm email client market is a LOT smaller than the PC gaming market. In order to make the development worth doing, they have to charge a little more.

    Snappermail is only $32 if you jump on board before it's done However, I have held off buying it until I see more polish. I'm happy to pay an extra $10 when it's done if I'm happy with it.

    However, it is tough to sell software when there is an equivelent free product (right Netscape?) especially if the choice is between a great email client for $40 and a decent one for free.
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    I understand that the gaming market is much bigger, but look at the development team, the testing team, and the cost of running The gaming teams are spending millions and millions in development. One Palm programmer can do all of the above. I don't care if the market is smaller.


    Number of dollars spent to produce video game DIVIDED BY number of probable buyers.


    Number of dollars spent to produce palm app DIVIDED BY number of probable buyers.

    you do the math.

    Cost to produce War3 = 10,000,000
    Potential Market = 250,000

    Cost to produce small Palm App = 500
    Potential Market = 5,000

    War3 has 50 times the market Palm App does, while it has 2000 times to cost, not fair. The only way to offset it is to lower the palm prices.

    These are gross guesses by me, I'm sure they're not even close to right but it gets you thinking.
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    //* Begin Sarcastic Comment

    Why don't we all just forget the good old American Free Market Economy and become communists? That way, everything could be subsidized by the state...

    Lets forget the good old American Way! Those darn coders don't deserve to get paid for their effort! They should work for free!

    //* End Sarcastic Comment

    To the original poster:

    When you grow up, you will realize that you will not be able to pay the mortgage on your house if you only make $5.00 an hour. And you will realize that in order to make more than $5.00 an hour, you will have to work at a real job that charges real money for their useful products and services. At that point in time, laying out $60.00 for a product that drastically increases your productivity will not seem to bad.

    The ironic part of my little rant above is that I use the Free Eudora client! Ouch!
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    Hello. This is a reply for BrianV's first post.

    Does tapmail work fine on treo300?? I've tried tapmails J which is Japanese version of it and this English version on treo.
    pop receiving was fine. But there was no smtp auth function, so I couldn't send a mail from tapmail.

    there is also tapmail2 (which is a share ware) available. This one can handle smtp auth, but it doesn't work with my treo. I'm not sure why.

    If tapmail is OK w/treo300, that's wonderful. Did you succeed at sending mails?

    I've been using MsgAgent (free, smtp auth OK(if the id&password are the same as pop's)) and this one is working fine. It's also done by Japanese programer, but everything written in English.
    (is written in Japanese. Go near the bottom of the page and click a link to DL)

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    Yeah it works fine, this one appears to have smtp auth too.
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    I'm sorry, I couldn't find smtp auth option. Could you tell me where it is?

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    I'm running 1.60se

    Ahh I'm sorry it doesn't have that, that was another Palm mail program I was looking at but I didn't like it as much. Sorry

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