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    I have ordered a Treo 300 and am awaiting its arrival.

    In the meantime I have questions on accessing Yahoo Mail thru the Treo 300.

    I know that you can access it thru Blazer and the web.

    But how else are people accessing it, thru mail applications.

    What different options are there?

    I have read postings describing using it with Treo Mail and Eudora.

    What are the advantages and disadvantages to each? Costs as well?

    I presume I have to pay for Yahoo POP forwarding either way, right?

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    I'm into "free" when I can get it, which means I use Eudora. But it also means I don't pay Yahoo $30 for POP3 access. (Ever since Yahoo started charging, I've slowly phased out my Yahoo email.)

    But if you're really into Yahoo, you're going to have to get one of the many third-party email apps. There are dozens of threads on this board with the pros and cons of all them.

    But as I said, I like free.
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    Yeah, if you wanna use it with an e-mail app, your gonna have to pay for POP3 forwarding.

    Once you pay the $30, you have to load in the settings in the e-mail app. Currently, I am using Snappermail. works good w/ yahoo, although i have not tried the attachments bit yet.

    Anyway, POP3 and SMTP settings could be found here:

    Good Luck in your decision.

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    Using Eudora or Snappermail can you compose messages offline and send them when connected?

    Also do these programs go out and automatically check for email or do you need to manually do so?

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    I only know about Snappermail, and yes, you can compose offline. I have not had the chance to go through all the features yet, but I as far as I know (could be wrong), you have to go and manually fetch. I do not know if there is a timed setting to retrieve.

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