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    Well the 25th has come and gone and now I have a vision account, can NOT see any email.

    If I logon on the vision side, and click email or calendar it asks me to sign up.. when I click sign up it brings me to a blank page.

    Sprint saisd ti would be fixed by the end of the weekend and they kenew about it but again, here it is Monday and no email.. although the website hqas been down on overnights and other hours lately... it even SAYS I have 175 new messages (my old messages are in there somewhere I guess)

    Is anyone else having this issue?

    And did they pout an easy way on the phione to pick up @pcs email when it finally does work.

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    Yep, same here. As for the way you retrieve on the actual device, I doubt Sprint will be "providing" anything. I am using SnapperMail on my Treo, and I love it!
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    Mike, you might try resetting your PCS mail password (not Vision). Sign on using your phone number and regular password. Then change in settings. At some point, your phone should tell you it needs updating. That worked for me. Give the web an hour or so to recognize your new mail password.

    And no, there's no OEM software on the Treo that let's you check PCS mail! Remarkable, isn't it? (I use Eudora, which is free and works most of the time.) Good luck.
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    I reset my password already... Never had one and then reset it and it updated the phone and all that jazz...

    This seems to be a different issue unrelated from that.

    In that lil dropdown list on the top left, there is no phone #s listed even on the website....

    Im glad someone esle is having the same pronblems tho.. at least it isn't an anomoly.

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