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    bought treo 300 oct 2 from handspring for 499
    signed two yr contract with sprint
    got 100 credit when i signed the 2 yr contract

    also sent old palm for 100 credit

    also today i called sprint threatening to cancel service

    asked to be sent to the department where they "keep customers"

    they offered me a 75 credit

    (If I had been angrier they would have given me 100 or 150 i feel)

    when i called handspring they said I could return the treo but they would do no adjustments

    i did not want to go through ALL THAT

    so the best thing to do is to call sprint and yell, ask for supervisors, ask for the department where they try to keep you...sprint gives you credits towards your bill
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    What did you complain about when you called Sprint and Handspring?
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    I really don't mean any disrespect but...

    What a waste of bandwidth...
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    200 rebate when i had gotten only 100 for signing the contract with Sprint.

    It may be a waste of bandwith to you, rich boy.
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    Hey I bought a car in January and now the dealer is selling it for thousands less. Should I go back and ***** about it?

    Hey tenderloin is on sale ay my local grocer. Should I pull mine out of the fridge and go back and ***** about it?

    Just curious.

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