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    I can't connect wirelessly using AG Connect. The sync works fine. When I do try to connect it says "Error Connecting". I tried changing the Server to the IP address from and turning off Secure Connections, but that still fails. Is there any trick to getting it to work?
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    I've had no problem with AvantGo Connect and the Treo 300. It sync's up like a charm. Not sure what your problem could be...

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    I am beginning to think it's something I have installed like the Clipper files to support PQA's. Do you have those installed?
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    What do you use AG for that you can not get through Blazer? Can you update the content directly from the Treo or do you have to do it on a sync? Does it provide beneficial data that is not readily available on the web? Space, how much does it consume?

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    in my case mlemke, u make alot of sense. I personally dont use avantgo for much, but I just realized that even though I can sync wirelessly over the treo. I can just as easily go to the particular web page to get the same info and sometimes more.

    I might not need A-Go anymore on my Treo.
    My MB's thank U.
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    I never had any problem getting AvantGo to work. However, I just uninstalled it... it's just not needed and consumes too much space. There's a thread here called 'Good sites for blazer' that lists lots of sites with all the info available from AvantGo and then some.
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    I travel for work so I use it in conjunction with my travel agent and Virtually There to get offline copies of my travel itineraries... so I really do need it!
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    Are you putting the port number 80 in the URL? e.g., ?
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    It might be the PQA apps. I don't have those installed and AvantGo works flawlessly using the provided install instructions. No tweaking on my part.

    As for "why use AG?". I use AG and Blazer for different things. I use Blazer for anything I can't get over AG (e.g., news with photos...assuming I've got the time to wait for the photos to download). With AG, I get great text-only news (NY Times, WS Journal), stock portfolio pricing (Bloomberg), sports (CNN/SI), maps (AG Mapquest and Mapblast), technology news (CNet), and other things through AG. I update AG through hot sync prior to travelling (e.g., while on an airplane and don't have connectivity) and I wirelessly update AG when I want the latest info and haven't had a chance to sync.

    I personally like AvantGo b/c ALL of the content is formatted for PDA size devices and, in most cases, it's MUCH quicker and more reliable than Blazer.

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