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    Looks ugly and requires you to use the headset for phone mode.

    Otherwise I'd have considered one when* the backlight goes on Treo #3 and I demand my money back.

    (* note I use the word "when" not "if")
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    Looks great considering the high resolution screen and expansion capabilities not to mention the speedy GPRS if you are heavy on the data side.
    But if you are more on the phone side, "fumbling" with a headset is a hassle. (reminds me of my son's Motorola V100!) How would you answer your calls if you forgot to bring the headset??
    If Palm will resolve this, (put a speakerphone or something...)the Tungsten would be one great competitor of the Treo! And if that happens I think I will do what Loccy suggested!!
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    High-res screen! I wish my 270 had that.

    Plus it's rated at *10* hrs talk time!
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    And there is no keybord light!

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