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    Recently tried sending a JPG attachment using Snappermail 1.1.2b. The email along with attachment is 80K and during the sending process through my GPRS 1.1 Treo 270, it failed 4-5 times halfway through. So I kept trying until it eventually went through.

    Then had a shock when checking the amount of data sent (using KBTracker 0.3 from Apparently, I sent around 8M of data trying to send 1 JPG attachment!

    I had a dispute with my GSM provider last month for the 14M of data they claimed I received/sent last month which I though was impossible. Now I'm not so sure.

    Does SnapperMail have a problem with sending attachments or is it incorrect reporting by KBTracker?
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    Although SnapperMail's beta is technically "unsupported", I have found that the beta mailing list is extremely helpful. I would suggest you sign up for that, and then search the archives for the answer to your question, as it more than likely has been covered. You can sign up for it by clicking HERE .

    Hope this helps....
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