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    I'm the proud new owner of a used 6mth old 180. I don't have the original purchase info (I got it from someone on ebay), but figured that since these have been out < 12 months and have a 12 mth warranty I'd be ok...

    So now I'm noticing some of the problems mentioned here, esp:

    + no sound from speaker at beginning of call

    and am wondering what proof of purchase Handspring will require, if any, when/if I call for support?

    Those of you who've received replacement units - what proof of purchase did you provide if any?

    Any tips on how to resolve the speaker problem? It doesn't *seem* to be related to how I hold the phone / open the flip top. Otoh, it seems to either work perfectly or not at all. Very strange...
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    If the phone is still under warranty you will not need a proof of purchase.

    As for the speaker, I have seen a few posts where the speaker is dead but none where it is intermittent.

    Phone HS and arrange an RMA replacement.
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    I have hesitated to buy a Treo on eBay because I was concerned that the warranty would be non-transferable. I will be interested to find out what happens when you call HS. I might want to buy a Treo 270 on eBay if the warranty could be transferred. I bought my Treo 180 in April and after 5 months the speaker went dead. Prior to that time, the speaker began to get weak, however. HS happily sent a replacement which arrived in 2 days. Now, after a month on #2, I am again noticing that the speaker is sometimes very weak. I think it is getting worse. I can hear OK with the earpiece though the fidelity is not great.
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    I bought my 270 'used'. But I don't think I was ever even fired up. I registered the serial number on the Handspring web site and even got a coupon for ten dollars off an extra headset! So, the warrenty might actually commence from the day you register (if its never been done before)
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    Thanks for all your replies. I went ahead and registered as someone else did. No problems.

    I'll give the speaker problem a few more days before I call. One of the mysteries of computers is how we unconsciously adapt to their quirks, so maybe it will come good by itself :-).

    And then if/when I do call Treo, I'll report back on what they say.

    For those of you who have called, what proof of purchase, if any, did they ask for? (I'm thinking I might just say it was a gift)
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    The speakerphone function does NOT allow you to go into speakerphone mode UNTIL your call has connected.

    I believe that the GPRS upgrade changes this, so you can listen on speaker while the call is trying to connect.

    I have the same situation on my Motorola V60g when I attach the speakerphone attachment.

    I'm waiting for HS to make the GPRS upgrade "officially" available vs running out & installing it now.
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    Originally posted by mrdbsql

    For those of you who have called, what proof of purchase, if any, did they ask for? (I'm thinking I might just say it was a gift)
    They only asked me if I bought it from them. I replied no and that was it. On my 2nd replacement, they actually asked for the name of the vendor. But they never asked for any proof of purchase.
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    Thanks everyone. I had the same experience as Appleman. They asked if I bought from them and when I'd bought it. I answered both questions honestly (they never asked if I bought it new) and they shipped out a new unit which has been working perfectly.

    Interesting re shipping. The first person had me hard reset and of course the problem didn't repro afterwards (it was intermittent after all). They'd said I could pay $20 (?) to cross ship with 2-day shipping or wait 7-10 business days to return mine then get a new one.

    When I called back a few hours later to say that "yes, it did still have the same problem" (can't hear calling party for first ~30secs), the 2nd HS support rep arranged to cross ship and I got the unit 3 days later and then sent mine back in the same packaging with the airbill slip they provided.

    All in all, EXCELLENT service from Handspring. NO complaints at all. (I seem to have got lucky and got a good unit on my first replacement :->).

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