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    I have been using my Treo 300 for about a week. I have had better performance in buildings with the 300 than with the triband Kyocera 6035.

    I think that because it is single band, it does not attempt to search for a better signal with CDMA 800 or AMPS, so it is able to keep a connection with a weaker signal than the Kyocera (or the Samsung i300).

    This makes the Treo 300 a keeper, but with caution in areas without Sprint Service. I have noted one area where I have Digital Roaming with the Treo 300. This was in an area also served by Cellular South, a CDMA 1900 carrier.

    Has anyone had problems with the Hold Button during calls.

    During a phone call, the Hold button appears on the screen. The soft button works fine.

    According to Handspring in one of the pdf's on their site on extra keyboard functions, pressing the period key "." during a call is supposed to place the call on hold, like the screen key.

    I can not get the "." key to put the Treo 300 call on hold. Is this implemented on the Treo 300? Is this a Treo 270/180 function only.

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    Note: As far as I know, the SprintPCS phone will ONLY search for the SprintPCS signal (determined through it's Preferred Roaming List, or PRL). Only after it doesn't find the SprintPCS signal will it start searching for other roaming partners (in this case, only CDMA partners, since the Treo is a CDMA-only phone). This weekend, I was out of range for Sprint's service (out in the middle of the California high desert), but had analog service. So, I brought my old Motorola phone (I activated it on Sprint's free add-a-phone plan), and roamed onto the analog carrier. Worked fine. Of course, I'm paying $0.60/minute for the roaming, but at least I had service!

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